When it comes to getting into amazing shape, there are three crucial factors that come into play.

Missing any of these three results in failure to achieve your goal 99 times out of 100.

And yet, take a look at nearly any effort you or anyone you know has made in the past to get into shape, and chances are that you were missing at least one of these important components.

The three factors are: fitness, nutrition and accountability. Let’s take a look at each individually, and what makes them so important.


Regarding the pillar of fitness, you cannot achieve the goals of a lean, athletic physique and protection from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis without a properly designed and executed fitness program.

A properly designed program means that includes movement based resistance training in a balanced form.

Resistance training is fundamental to maintaining your lean mass and without it you cannot get lean and healthy.

Properly executed means that you are using correct form, intensity and watching your rest periods.

Best way to ensure that your fitness is on track? Hire an experienced coach!


Regarding the pillar of nutrition, it is impossible to alter your body composition without focusing on nutrition.

There is a large misconception that working out is how you lose body fat–this is not true.

You lose body fat by ensuring that you are taking in fewer calories than you expend each day, and that the calories are properly proportioned in terms of protein, carbs and fat.

Nutrition is also what determines how much energy you have for your workouts; it is the fuel to your fitness engine.

Best way to ensure that your nutrition is on track? Hire an experienced coach!


The final piece of the puzzle, and the one that is most missing from most programs, is accountability.

This is typically because accountability is the part that is most expensive, since it takes the supervision of someone else to make it happen.

However, without accountability, the best fitness and nutrition program in the world is useless, because you will not follow it.

How many times have you started on a program, only to fall off the bandwagon a week or two later because you couldn’t sustain the discipline level needed to stay compliant?

Proper accountability means that someone who cares about your success is looking after you and reminding you of why you started in the first place.

When you start to falter, they are there to push you in the correct direction.

At the end of the day, your success is obviously up to you, but accountability can mean the difference between allowing the hard times to get the best of you, or cruising through them as a learning experience and making it to the other side and achieving ultimate success.

Who’s the best person to hold you accountable? You guessed it… an experienced coach!

Putting It All Together

If you look at most programs available, they involve one or, if you are lucky, two of the factors above.

But never all three.

If you have just the fitness part, you’ve got a gym membership–no nutrition help and no accountability.

We all know the success levels that people get with the basic gym membership (hint: it’s close to 0).

If you have just the nutrition part, you have a diet book.

While these can get you excited at first to clean up your eating habits, long term success rates are about the same level as above (0).

If you have just accountability, it means you have an inexperienced coach who doesn’t know what they are doing and can lead you down a harmful path.

A good example of these are some of the Instagram “celebs” who do not understand fitness or nutrition and give their clients diet harmful supplements, constricting “waist trainers” or sell them expensive, pointless MLM meal replacements. Success rates? 0.

I would actually argue that the last example above (hiring an inexperienced trainer/coach) is the most dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Sometimes you get lucky and have two out of the three.

For instance, if you have fitness and nutrition, you might have a prepackaged program like you find on bodybuilding.com.

However, without accountability, you fall into the same issues as you get with the diet books or gym memberships–no long term compliance and thus no lasting results.

If you have fitness and accountability together, you have a typical personal trainer at a large gym.

But because these trainers are not versed in nutrition (and usually not allowed to instruct their clients on the subject anyway), you’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle and your results will be subpar.

If you have nutrition and accountability together, you have a dietitian/nutritionist.

This tends to be the most useful out of the examples given above, but a good dietitian will still recommend that you hire a fitness coach to help you with your workouts, thereby ensuring that you account for the final pillar.

The only guaranteed method of success is a system that accounts for fitness, nutrition AND accountability in one, combined with your own desire to achieve success and under the guidance of someone who is very experienced at working with people who share the same goals as you do.

This is the reason why the success rate is so high with our clients. Not only do we coach them in their workouts, but we help them with their nutrition and hold them accountable to it all as well.

To ensure that their mind is in the right place, we help them establish goals on a regular basis so they know what they’re working towards.

And NOBODY has more experience with body transformation than we do–we have literally helped transform over 2000 people across the US (and even internationally) since we started a decade ago!

If you are not achieving your own fitness goals, then look at your program and ask yourself which of the three factors above are missing.

Addressing the weak point(s) will go a long way towards helping you attain the level of fitness you desire.

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