About us

Helping You to Reach Your True Greatness for 8 Years

Our Origin:

It would not be fair on our part if we didn’t tell you where on earth we came form and that who were the diabolical minds behind this states of the art Nutrition and Supplement Company.

Revolt Pro Supplements and Nutrition is an American Brand established in a sports research facility by two young fitness enthusiasts, Gary Fillerman and Jhona Brigets.

Their Vision was to give to the world the most advance supplements that are not just marketing faff but backed by research, test studies and clinical and practical field trials.Both were known as the Jock Geeks of their university as they were very passionate about science , kinesiology and fitness.

They later on completed their P.H.Ds in the fields of Nutrition and Sports and worked with one of the best Sports and Nutrition companies , this was way back in 2010 and since it’s inception Revolt Pro has become one of the leading names in health & sports nutrition Industry.

Today Revolt Pro has its presence in more than 3 Continents, with tops of the art research facilities in the Mid West Region and Up north.


What do we do ?

We are a sports supplement company that focuses on science and nutrition thoroughly to deliver the best possible nutritional supplements to the world.

Why we do it ?

We make intelligently formulated nutritional products that help people out perform their previous performances because we believe that in the end the competition is always with your own self.

How we do it ?

Revolt Pro products are grounded in extensive R&D to ensure all our formulations are created keeping in mind the latest science. We don’t stop until we’ve a product with the best combination of taste, texture and flavour to fuel your body and give you a distinctive advantage over others.

What we promise ?

Revolt Pro is committed to bringing top-of-the-line dietary & nutritional supplementation to a mass audience through broadened